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Nuage jaune La Luciole


Bébé dormant habillé en blanc


La Luciole is a quality familly brand, whose the principal preoccupation is your child happiness and well-breing.

With more than 20 years of experience on the Luxembourg territory, we propose to family quality support, with a view to the full development of each child.

The geographical location of our fourteen creches and day care centres, combined with the common functioning and organisation of each of our structures, allows the children to be cared for in each Luciole under the same conditions.

La Luciole is committed to the quality of the services offered. To do so, we have developed strong partnerships with companies that also put the well-being and development of children at the heart of their projects.

Our partner, the Foyer des Arts, allows us, for example, to introduce children to musical awakening with real professionals. The company Invict'4 trains our staff on real needs and observations established through daily life and allows us to constantly question our practices. This in order to offer your children a quality accompaniment service.

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Enfant jouant dans un chateau gonflable


Concerned about the quality of the services offered, we have established a charter to harmonize the practices of each professional around strong values.

Our crèches are made up of qualified, multilingual, multidisciplinary teams, led by senior managers who themselves work with a person responsible for quality within the creches.

At La Luciole, the educators benefit from continuous training in order to allow a constant evolution of their practices.
The stability of our teams allows us to offer families a personalised follow-up and a close relationship.

We work in collaboration with you to ensure continuity in the accompaniment of your child.


At La Luciole we evolve with time...

Our pedagogy is not only based on a methodology but rather on a set of "know-how".

Our teams are strong to welcome and accompany your child in all kindness, concerned about his or her cultural and linguistic integration.

The welcome within our structures is individualized and responds to the needs of each family. To this end, we offer you a familiarisation period adapted to your needs and those of your child.

Our creches can accommodate your child in spaces designed and adapted to his evolution and development.


We have set up a unique pedagogy in all of our creches that we apply daily through innovative projects around themes such as art and the child, ecology or eco-citizenship.

We work individually with your child, respecting his or her rhythm and needs towards autonomy, socialization and self-esteem essential to the construction of his or her personality.

Bébé dormant dans son lit avec un sourire

Convinced? Don't hesitate to ask us all your questions!

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