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Nuage jaune La Luciole

CRECHES (2 months to 4 years)

Pedagogical objective

Developed around respect for your baby's natural rhythm, our activities are varied and educational, to adapt to your child's own development.

Massage for babies, drawing, small crafts, singing, psychomotricity, introduction to hygiene (brushing teeth, etc.), respect for others and educational visits will be your child's daily routine.

We regularly innovate our teaching methods, for example:

Since 2018, we have integrated a multilingual programme that brings children from 1 to 4 years old into contact with French and Luxembourgish.

Since 2019, we have decided to further increase our pedagogical quality:

  • By playing classical music during meals, which calms the children and gets them used to great music.

  • By setting up a dietary program with a dietician taking into account the totality of the nutritional intake of a full day (breakfast, lunch and snacks). We thus ban all cakes and industrial products and favour organic, local products and dietary diversity.

  • By offering buffets from the age of 2 years in order to develop your children's autonomy.

Ciel étoilé
Jardin de la crèche La Luciole 3 avec tricycles, maisons de jardin et veranda

Les jardins

The gardens

All these little people can go out in a landscaped garden (sandbox, slide, little house, tricycle etc.) as soon as the weather is nice. When the weather is bad, we have a large playroom in each crèche. The playrooms are equipped with professional stimulation equipment (floor mats, psychomotricity modules, tunnels, ice, equipment for learning to walk, etc.).

Les chambres

The rooms

Each child has its own bed as well as its own cuddly toy and baby sleeping bag. The bedrooms are separated from the playrooms. A child playing does not disturb a sleeping child.

Chambre pour bébé de la crèche La Luciole comprenant 5 berceaux
Extincteur sur un mur en briques peint en rouge et blanc

La sécurité


This is an important point on which the ministries do not compromise and in which we invest a lot (fire alarms in each room, gas alarms and fire doors at the boilers and watertight partitioning at each level, direct connection to the fire brigade, secure staircases, electric entrance doors with videophone, radiator covers...).


Hygiene and its learning: these are regular disinfection of floors, games, beds, changing tables, but also washing hands, brushing teeth and making children aware of these daily gestures from an early age. The management has followed special training courses on good hygiene practices and our efforts are particularly focused on food hygiene.

Salle d'hygiène de la crèche La Luciole avec évier, table à langer et produits d'hygiène


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